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Lunch and Learn- Planning With an Aging Life Care Specialist




September 7, 2017


Broadneck Community Library
1275 Green Holly Dr
Annapolis, MD 21146


Bay Point provided lunch and a guest speaker, Wendy Miller, an Aging Life Care Specialist, to answer guest's questions and talk about planning for one's future. 

Lifestyle needs change as a person ages, and some individuals find it difficult to meet their personal long-term care needs without the help of a professional. An Aging Life Care Specialist, also known as a Geriatric Care Manager, is a health and human services specialist who acts as a guide and advocate for families who are caring for older relatives or disabled adults. 

Wendy has been practicing for 16 years and has extensive experience in medical settings, retirement communities, and hospitals. She helps families in areas such as health and disability, finance, housing, families, local resources, advocacy, legal, and crisis intervention. A care plan tailored for each individual’s circumstances is prepared after a comprehensive assessment. From there, Wendy is as much or as little involved in following through with the care plan as needed, depending if the senior is on their own and needs more help or already has close family to help them. To read more about Wendy's services, visit her website:

If you're looking for a care provider for family out of state, visit All care providers shown on this website must have an advanced degree and a certain amount of work experience with seniors to be qualified. They will typically charge hourly, like Wendy, so you are not working with someone who is bias toward certain facilities or that works on commission.