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Meet the Team: William Hufnell

Welcome to our Meet the Team post! This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with William Hufnell, a financial advisor at Bay Point Wealth Management. His work ethic and knowledge of the financial industry make him an indispensible component at Bay Point. Take a look at our conversation to get to know William better:

1) Where were you born and raised? Arnold and Annapolis, MD

2) To you, what is the most challenging thing about being a financial advisor? Every day and every client’s situation is unique.

3) What compelled you to become an advisor? I was lucky enough to grow up watching my father do this work and I found I had a passion for the same work.

4) Where do you see your company in five years? We are slowly and steadily growing and I don’t see that stopping now.

5) What are some of the long-term trends in your business you are most excited about? Advances in technology that help with communicating with clients securely, and help us plan more efficiently. Every conference I go to I see old products improving and new companies innovating.

6) Describe the most amazing place you’ve traveled to. Thailand – It has beautiful mountains in the north with amazing history and beaches down south.

From William's trip to Thailand, he was able to take a side trip to the famous Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

7) What is your favorite sports team and why? The Orioles. I grew up watching them on TV and my parents would take me to so many games. I still see about 15-20 games a year on average, more if I can manage.

8) What was your first job? Bussing tables in downtown Annapolis at Mangia’s.

9) When you aren’t working, what’s one thing you love to do to unwind? I enjoy going to local concerts, reading books and comic books, and watching Netflix, of course.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of William. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for our next Meet the Team Post!

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