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Meet the Team: Dan Ebinger, CFA

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our team, Dan Ebinger. Since joining Bay Point in February, Dan has already made a significant contribution in both client planning and investment management. Dan has a CFA, one of the most respected and recognized investment credentials in the world. He also has many years experience helping clients with their personal financial planning. We are excited to have him on board. Take a look at our conversation to get to know him a little better.

Dan with his wife, Christie, and their twin daughters, Mollie and Mackenzie.

  1. Where are you originally from?

    I was born and raised in Frederick, MD.

  2. I understand you originally pursued a career in architecture, how did you end up in finance?

    I found that financial planning was not only more interesting to me, it provided me with the opportunity to better serve others.

    In 2012, I graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a BBA in finance. I have now been in the “business” for 10 years. I am a CFA Charterholder and a member of the CFA Society of Baltimore.

  3. Between then and now, where have you been the last 10 years?

    I continued living and working in Nashville for a couple years until I joined Symmetry Partners in Hartford, Connecticut. I lived in Connecticut, with my wife, Christie, for four years until moving back to Maryland to be closer to our family.

  4. How do you spend your time outside of work?

    Christie and I have twin 2 ½ year old girls, Mollie and Mackenzie, who love all things Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and Minions.
    I enjoy spending time with the twins and my wife, playing guitar, reading, and taking the girls for long walks around the neighborhood.

  5. Are you a big sports fan?

    I am an avid Washington Redskins, DC United, and Tottenham Hot Spurs fan.