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Bay Point Establishes Client Advisory Board

Why a Client Advisory Board?

A Client Advisory Board (CAB) can provide valuable insight into the client experience and serve as a sounding board for Bay Point on a variety of topics, including business strategy, new and potential client services, and marketing strategies. The feedback will result in specific steps Bay Point can take to improve the client experience and grow our business.

Why now?

Bay Point is growing! As the company matures and more staff is added, we are committed to delivering the same level of service to which our clients are accustomed, or better! Last year we conducted a client survey and this year we established the CAB so that we can hear directly from clients what they truly value in our services, what they want to continue to receive from us, and how we can deliver an even better client experience.

How does it work?

Six clients are currently serving a two-year term on the board. The group meets for lunch three to four times a year. Prior to the lunch we send out questions for them to consider. These become the basis of our discussion at the meeting. Generally, these questions are about the client’s personal experience working with us, concerns or suggestions they may have about the company, what they value or don’t value in our current offerings, and thoughts about the future of the company and its growth. At the end of two years, we will invite other clients to serve on the board so we can gain different perspectives and new insights.

The CAB will be in addition to our client surveys, which we plan to do every 18 months. The client surveys allow us to gain high-level feedback from all of our clients. The CAB allows us to go in depth and ask many follow up questions with a few clients willing to give of their time.

How does the CAB benefit all clients?

By giving us a first hand look at our company through the eyes of our clients, we are gaining a greater appreciation for what is most important to clients and how we can better serve them. This is sometimes different than what we expected and is shaping the way we structure the company and our services. For example, some members of the board suggested we provide more educational opportunities. Since then, we have begun offering Lunch & Learns, bringing in speakers on various topics we think would be of interest to clients. The first one held in June was on conservation easements. The next one will be in September on planning for the care needs of elderly relatives. Ultimately, these changes will help Bay Point Wealth Management be better advisors for all our clients.