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Donor Advised Funds

What Bay Point Does

  • Recommends a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) most appropriate for you. In most cases we recommend using Schwab Donor Advised Fund.
  • Provides you with the paperwork to establish the DAF.
  • Annually, requests the dollar amount that you would like to donate.
  • Determines the best security or securities to use for your donation. Typically, these will be the securities with the lowest cost basis.
  • Sends you a letter of instruction to sign to transfer securities to your DAF.
  • Provides your CPA with the cost basis of the securities transferred.

What You Do

  • Provide to Bay Point the dollar amount that you would like to donate.
  • Identify the charities that you would like to support and specify the dollar amount of the donations you would like to give to each.
  • Use the DAF’s on-line interface to make your grant requests.
  • Use the interface to check balances and the status of any grant requests.
  • Provide your CPA the year-end statement from the DAF showing the value of the donations you have made during the year.

Working Together