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529 Funds

What Bay Point Does

  • Recommends the type of plan to use: Pre-Paid Tuition, College Investment or both.
  • Recommends the amount and timing of contributions.
  • Recommends a portfolio allocation for your College Investment accounts.
  • Provides you with a link to the online applications.
  • Connects these accounts to our Wealth Management System to include in our ongoing planning.
  • Monitors the portfolio allocation of each account and makes adjustments as necessary.

What You Do

  • Complete and submit the applications.
  • Provide Bay Point your log in credentials so we can connect accounts to our Wealth Management System.
  • Make contributions. For automatic monthly contributions, set up funding from your bank checking account.
  • Provide a year-end statement showing total annual contributions to your CPA.
  • Submit requests for reimbursements of college expenses using the 529 plan web site. These should be submitted in the same calendar year as the expenses are incurred.

Working Together

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